Wood-cork window scantling Iswood®

Product description


The Frinorm wood-cork window scantling Iswood® is an energy-optimised scantling for window construction and can be applied for the highest thermal insulation requirements.


For thermal insulation, cork is combined with wooden lamellas from different types of wood in a multilayer

structure according to customer specifications. The variable multilayer structure is selected in such a way that the screw connections (fittings, strapping, etc.) and corner joints (bridle joints, butt joints, mitre joints, etc.) are located in the wooden lamellas to ensure stability of the window frame. Further finishing of the wood-cork window scantling Iswood® is done with standard woodworking machines and tools, just like with the massive wooden window scantling. The standard method is used for surface finishing. It is not necessary to separate production waste because only renewable natural products are used. We only process first-class wood of quality A/A and high-quality cork.