Door leaf blank Iswood®



  • Tested according to the highest climate category, achieves the highest classification of 3c, 3d and 3e
  • Tested for general and local planarity, achieves the highest tolerance category 4
  • Suited for all application fields a, b, c and d in accordance with the technical bulletin of the Verband Schweizerische Türenbranche (VST) (exterior doors, building entrance doors, porch doors, pergola doors, interior doors, flat entrance doors, basement entrance doors)
  • Very good thermal insulation properties
  • Outstanding stability
  • Low surface density
  • Formaldehyde-free bonding
  • Structure without metal stabilisers ensures freedom of design (e.g. windows, infill, additional panels)
  • Customised production made to customer specifications
  • Surface cover board made of aluphenol can be veneered, lacquered or coated



Product description:


Surface Aluphenol, untreated or real wood veneered
Core Multilayer sandwich panel made of poplar plywood and
high-quality pressed cork, 300 kg/m³
Frame Finger-jointed laminated wood, different types of wood available
Thickness 64 and 74 mm, other thicknesses on request
Sizes Max. 2788 x 1288 mm


The Frinorm door leaf blanks Iswood® are suited for all kinds of applications. They were tested and meet the demands of the highest climate category. The door leaf blanks have excellent thermal insulation properties and are very stable with a low surface density. The centre core multilayer sandwich board consists of poplar plywood and high-quality pressed cork. The frame of the door leaf blanks is fabricated from massive larch wood and does not contain any metal stabilisers. Aluphenol is used for the surface cover board, a high-pressure composite material on the basis of duromer high-pressure laminates (HPL). This is vapour-proof and has good heat deflection properties. The aluphenol board can be veneered, lacquered or coated.