Sandwich elements, wood

Product description:


Surfaces Untreated, primer foil, veneered
Cover panels Plywood board AW100
Insulation PUR rigid foam, 32 kg/m³
Thickness 21 to 93 mm
Sizes 2988 x 1294 mm


The good thermal insulation properties of the Frinorm sandwich elements make them suitable for various application purposes. They are available with plywood board AW100, untreated, plywood board AW100 with primer foil or plywood board AW100 with real wood veneer in all types of wood. PUR rigid foam, 32 kg/m³, is generally used for thermal insulation. Other types of thermal insulation like expanded rigid polystyrene foam with graphite additive (EPS lambda), glass wool or cork are also available. The sandwich elements are fabricated as large boards with centre bars made of spruce; special edge bands are inset according to your requirements (for cuts to specifications, see infill for wooden and wood-metal windows).

Test reports (PDF)