Dividing wall system Damur®



The Frinorm dividing wall system Damur® is suited for numerous applications: as classic dividing wall for room division, for office installations, for room division in single and multi-family homes as well as in commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings, and also for temporary structures like fair booths, reception desks, etc.





  • Dry and lightweight construction
  • Very good airborne sound and thermal insulation
  • Element structure with different materials
  • Design and surface finish as requested
  • Impact-resistant, dimensionally stable and warp-resistant
  • No thermal bridges, perfect joins
  • Handy format, lightweight
  • Easy and fast installation, also suited for DIY installation



Product description:


Surface Artificial resin panel, unicoloured or with decoration, 1 mm or cover panel, untreated 
Cover panels Chipboard  P5, 16 mm, MDF board, 16 mm
OSB board, 15 mm, cement-bonded chipboard, 16 mm
Insulation EPS, 15 kg/m³ or rock wool, 165 kg/m³
Thickness 118 - 112 mm
Sizes 600 x 200 mm (0,120 m²)


The dividing wall system DAMUR® is available in the most varied designs. Frinorm provides a large selection of surfaces, so there are hardly any limits to your design ideas. That way you can produce individual and creative dividing walls. The non-load-bearing interior walls fulfil different requirements thanks to varied thermal insulations. The dividing wall system has outstanding thermal insulation and good airborne sound insulation properties. The easy system installation and dry construction save a lot of time. You can also completely install your dividing wall yourself in just one step. There are no waiting times and the rooms can be used immediately.