Infill elements for plastic windows
sound insulation



  • Moisture-resistant
  • Thermal insulation values up to 1,0 W/m²K
  • Airborne sound insulation values up to 38 dB
  • Circumferential plywood edge band
  • Good mounting options
  • Retain their shape and dimensions





The following services are included in the square metre price:

  • Preassembled, custom-made according to the desired length, width and profile thickness
  • Four-sided counter profile work, tailored to your frame or threshold profile
  • Circumferential solid edge band
  • Delivered picked to order
  • No waste, machine, labour and storage costs


The following additional services can also be commissioned:

  • Edge banding possible
  • Additional wood inserts freely selectable
  • Special processing such as cut-outs, round and segment arches, ventilation slots or surface grooves are also possible
  • Special designs possible



Product description:


Surfaces White (Veka, Kömmerling, Finstal, Internorm), film laminated
Cover panels Hard PVC panel, HPL decorative panel
Insulation Glass wool, 20 kg/m³
Sound insulation Heavy bitumen foil
Edge band Plywood IW67
Thickness 25 to 39 mm
Sizes White: 500 x 95 to 3588 x 1294 mm
Film: 500 x 95 to 2988 x 1294 mm


The Frinorm infills are especially suitable for use as a glass substitute in plastic windows. They are available in hard PVC in different shades of white (Veka, Kömmerling, Finstral or Internorm) or HPL with decorative foil (all colours). For sound insulation, the frame extension elements are fabricated with heavy bitumen foil. Glass wool, 20 kg/m³, is used for thermal insulation.The infills are fabricated with a circumferential spruce edge band. Special edge bands are inset according to your requirements.