Frame extension elements for wooden and wood-metal lifting sliding doors



  • Thermal insulation values up to 0,1 W/m²K
  • Airborne sound insulation values up to 26 dB
  • All types of real wood veneers available
  • Circumferential wooden edge band
  • Good mounting options
  • Retain their shape and dimensions
  • Problem-free surface finishing





The following services are included in the square metre price:

  • Preassembled, custom-made according to the desired length, width and profile thickness
  • Four-sided counter profile work, tailored to your frame or threshold profile
  • Circumferential solid edge band
  • Delivered picked to order
  • No waste, machine, labour and storage costs


The following additional services can also be commissioned:

  • Additional wood inserts freely selectable
  • Special processing such as cut-outs, round and segment arches, ventilation slots or surface grooves are also possible
  • Special designs possible



Product description:


Surfaces Untreated, priming film, real wood veneer
Cover panels Plywood panel AW100
Insulation Expanded polystyrene rigid foam, 15 kg/m³
Edge band Plywood IW67
Thickness 100 to 220 mm
Sizes 500 x 95 to 3588 x 1294 mm


The Frinorm moisture-resistant frame extension elements for wooden and wood-metal lifting sliding doors are especially suited for high demands on moisture resistance as well as high thermal insulation requirements. They are available with a plywood panel AW100, untreated, plywood panel AW100 with primer foil or real wood veneer in all types of wood. Expanded polystyrene rigid foam (EPS), 15 kg/m3, is used for thermal insulation. The frame extension elements are fabricated with a circumferential plywood edge band. Special edge bands can be inset

according to your requirements.