Iso panel



The Frinorm Iso panel is suited for installation on ceilings and walls in residential rooms in new and converted buildings as well as in old-building renovation. It can be applied in single and multi-family houses as well as in commercial and public buildings.





  • Thermal insulation and cladding in one step
  • Excellent thermal insulation values of up to 0.45 W/m²K
  • Two types of thermal insulation: with expanded rigid polystyrene foam (EPS) or with rock wool
  • Real wood veneers in all types of wood
  • Untreated (sanded or sawn), oiled, lacquered or glazed
  • With or without shadow join
  • With or without bevelled edge
  • Dimensionally stable and non-warping
  • No thermal bridges, perfect panel joins
  • Optically attractive and appealing surface
  • Uncomplicated and fast installation



Product description:


Surfaces Real wood veneer, available in all types of wood
Cover panels MDF board, 5 mm
Insulation EPS, 20 kg/m³ or rock wool, 160 kg/m³
Thickness 32, 42, 52, 62, 72, 82 mm
Sizes 2050 x 190 mm (0.389 m²) or 2770 x 190 mm (0.526 m²)


The Frinorm Iso panel not only ensures outstanding thermal insulation but is also an absolutely non-warping, optically very appealing panel. All types of wood are available for selection of the desired real wood veneer surface. A durable and optically unchanged wall and ceiling cladding is guaranteed. The Iso panel is available with two different types of thermal insulation: expanded rigid polystyrene foam (EPS), 20 kg/m³, or rock wool, 160 kg/m³. Both panels are covered with a 5 mm thick MDF board on both sides. The real wood veneer surface is available in all types of wood, untreated (sanded or sawn), lacquered, oiled or glazed, as well as with or without shadow join or bevelled edge.