Substructure elements for doors and windows
Moisture and rot-resistant



  • Rot-resistant
  • Thermal insulation values up to 0,3 W/m²K
  • High load capacity
  • Good mounting options
  • Very good screw retention qualities
  • Retain their shape and dimensions
  • Seamless connection with integrated dovetail connector





The following services are included in the square metre price:

  • Elements either have a seamless connection or are preassembled, custom-made according to the desired length, width and profile thickness
  • Four-sided counter profile work, tailored to your frame or threshold profile
  • Delivered picked to order
  • No waste, machine, labour and storage costs



Product description:


Surface White 
Cover panels Integral foam board made of rigid PVC, plywood board IW67,
covered with rigid PVC
Insulation Intensive expanded polystyrene rigid foam, 30 kg/m³
Thickness 40 to 99 mm
Formats Integral foam board:
500 x 95 to 2988 x 1294 mm
Plywood: 500 x 95 to 3088 x 994 mm


Frinorm plinth elements for plastic balcony doors for floors are especially suited for a wide range of demands, such as thermal protection and a high load capacity. They are available with a plywood panel IW67, covered with rigid PVC, or with a 10 mm integral foam board made of rigid PVC. Intensely expanded polystyrene rigid foam (EPS perimeter), 30 kg/m3, is used for thermal insulation.